Non-Violent Crime Charges Can Still Change Your Life

Non-Violent Crime Charges Can Still Change Your Life

Work with a white-collar crime lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI

Some people think that white-collar crimes are less serious offenses. While these crimes aren't violent, charges are still taken seriously by Michigan courts. You need an experienced white-collar crime lawyer on your side. Paul C. McDonagh, P.C. is a respected firm in Grand Rapids, MI. Our lead attorney, Paul McDonagh, understands the nuances of the law and approaches every case with as much information as possible.

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Trust a dedicated attorney

Attorney McDonagh has dealt with health care fraud, bank fraud and embezzlement charges of all kinds. When you come to him, he'll speak with you about your situation and answer all of your questions. Plus, our full legal team will work tirelessly to secure the information, evidence and witnesses needed to represent you.

You can trust our law firm to help you build a strong defense against health care fraud, bank fraud or embezzlement charges. Hire attorney McDonagh for representation in Grand Rapids, MI today.