No One Wants to Spend Life Behind Bars

No One Wants to Spend Life Behind Bars

Fight murder charges with our lawyer in Grand Rapids, MI

Have you been saddled with murder charges? A lawyer who will take on your case to the best of their abilities might be hard to find. You can trust Paul C. McDonagh, P.C. to handle your case with same care we give to all of our clients. Our capital offense law firm has gained a reputation in Grand Rapids, MI for aggressive representation.

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Capital offense charges are delicate situations

Homicide and other capital offenses require special care. It's important to understand every aspect of the court and laws surrounding your charges. You need assistance to achieve the best possible results.

If you're fighting murder charges, our lawyer can defend your rights. Attorney McDonagh will research your case, gather evidence and witnesses and craft a logical defense for you - even if you're a repeat offender. You're in good hands when you work with him.

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